Joy "N" Janine 

Journals and Jotters


Join me as I journey back to the basics. 

In the day of electronic gadgets, it feels great to be old school if even for a small amount of time each day.


Imagine how relaxing it would be to pick up a pen or pencil along with a journal or a jotter and pour your thoughts out in written form. 

Once you get there, exhale and away you go!

 Here you will find my handmade journal books and notebook jotters. The main 2 bookbinding styles that I offer are Stab Bound and Pamphlet Stitch. 

My Journals are best for gentle use.

*keepsake memories, inspiration, gratitude journal, daily devotions, sketching and more.

My Jotter Notebooks are more for on the go. 

*shopping lists, travel journal inserts, reminders, appointments, to-do lists, quick notes and reflective thoughts and so much more.